What We Offer You

EdEx have established some excellent connections with Universities and Teacher Training Providers all over the UK, having placed hundreds of their NQTs/ECTs into their first school. Whether you’ve been referred to us by your University, a colleague or found us from searching online, we would love to help you secure your first school, arguably one of the most important decisions you can make to kickstart your career.

All of our NQTs/ECTs will benefit from:

  • A dedicated consultant to work with them on arranging interviews and observations in a time-efficient manor (Especially important if you’re not currently based in London)
  • Interview preparation and advice bespoke to the school you are interviewing with
  • Lesson observation review prior to demonstrating it in your actual interview process with the school
  • Expert advice around each school’s ethos, career progression, benefits and more.

Allow us to take away the stress of searching for schools, researching each one and then individually filling out each lengthy application form. Working with EdEx, you will just need to complete our simple registration process and safeguarding forms. We can then arrange interviews with multiple schools over a time-efficient period where nobody is left waiting.

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School Children

Liam & Sarah – Manchester University, Primary PGCE

“We both trained at Manchester University together and decided to relocate to London ahead of completing our PGCE. We both worked with Ryan & George, as they wanted to ensure we had options all over London. They gave us extensive information about all of the Schools they worked with, while also giving us the time to do our own research as well.

As soon as we told them the four schools (out of eight) they had sent, they got to work – they planned everything from the train, what time we had to arrive / leave the Schools, but most importantly made sure we had everything when it came to lesson details. Due to them being long-standing clients of both, they gave us all the extra little things the Schools looked for – which gave us that extra advantage. We interviewed over Monday & Tuesday and by Wednesday we both had received 3 offers each! Fast forward to Monday the following week, and we’ve both just signed our offer letters & put a deposit down for the flat we are both going to rent.

Thank you so much Ryan & George you’ve been great!


What Our NQTs / ECTs (Teachers) Say

“Ryan found me my perfect job first try! I was in the final part of my PGCE and Ryan found me a position on my ideal school, coached me through the process, and kept in touch the entire time. The whole process was seamless, easy, and painless; all of the long hours on tailoring personal statements and filling out applications gone. I would recommend Ryan to anyone!”

Gemma, East London SCITT, Year 6 NQT

“George was referred to me by one of my friends, after he had placed them. He was fantastic throughout the process, helping me not only with what Schools would be the best fit, but also giving me an understanding of areas in London, he made it so easy – even to this day, I still text and catch up with him – thank you so much, George!”

Matt, Cambridge PGCE, Year 2 Teacher

“After receiving a message from Ryan on LinkedIN, the rest was history – he gave me all the advice needed, while had connections with multiple Secondary Schools across the whole of London.”

Almas, UCL Trained , Maths NQT / ECT